Friday, April 22, 2011

Are Jane Pauley and Katie Couric a Gay Couple?

Is this Katie Couric after sleeping with Jane Pauley?

Is this Jane Pauley after sleeping with Katie Couric?

It now appears that Katie Couric and Jane Pauley may be a Gay Couple. Moreover, one hope that Jane Pauley will give some good advice to fellow bipolar victim Catherine Zeta-Jones. "Bipolar can be a serious problem for gay women, one hopes that such women can cope and attempt to recover." Of course, with many gay women the real problem is trying to determine who will "be on top in bed" which of course reflects the basic "dike" "lesbian" distinction. However, in many instances the dike-lesbian dichotomy is transcended by gay women by choosing to homosexual crossdressing women in the clipped or semi-clipped mode. Of course, if it can be asserted that Katie Couric is a gay women involved with Jane Pauley, one wonders what the reaction Sesame Street will be regarding the Sesame Street Katie Couric kids videos. The psychiatric community may be hoping these gay women won't have to spend to much time on a psychiatric ward for engaging in gay couple activities. It is rumored that Couric and Pauley spend time at a gay gym "messaging" their friends, almost to the point of being gay sex therapy.

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